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A track from the forthcoming album "Psychology"

Whilst other tracks will be remixed and possibly changed before release, this brooding and atmospheric track
is about as good as any track cam get in this version and  the video is, like the song, about life, and the spirit and tells a story.

The rain passes and the flashes of lightning become more distant.  A bird of prey flies above the lake at dawn  As I walked to the castle I saw butterflies and bees, before seeing a ghostly wraith. sitting on the edge of the most beautiful view of the lake.  I was taken aback by the contrast between this ghoulish image, and the mountains trees and birds on all sides.  I realised the ultimate result of life, but on all sides birds sang in the trees as if to say that there was still hope.

 As I walked deeper into the wood, I saw strange creatures, ossified and weird dinosaurs. It was as if I had been in a strange dream, and after my experience I was never the same person again.
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