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Maxx Silver talks about this unusual song and video and how creating it affected his own "Psychology"...

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The Song

"I had programmed a synth percussive rhythm and had four chords.   Composed at one sitting and mostly improvised.  
I remember saying   'that is a bit moody' and then left it.

A lot had happened in the the 9 months before I came back to listen to it again.  I had decided the album was going to be about different
aspects of the mind. This song was about relationships.  Lyrically. it isn't unique to think about somebody   "I don't understand your psychology" and I extended this  to
"the things you demand what you want from me".    But this isn't a song that is critical of the other person.

it really is a love song.   "You are here in my heart unconditionally"  is the very essence of love, especially given the rest of the lyrics.

Initially I didn't want to add any more parts, save for the Trumpet that comes in half way through, and at the end, but the whole thing was  tricky.

Firstly the vocal had to be the best I could do, and it was initially a difficult song to sing. I then added the guitar part at the end, mixed it about 20 times and....

6 months later.... I was still mixing the song... I took a break and said to myself "What is this song?" 

Its glum, its reflective.  Its compelling ( to me)  I think it is beautiful, there is hope at the end.  But it isn't an instant song.  Its a non pop song. 

I added the "tossing turning in your sleep" harmonies  to the end and a bass part.  Tried mixing it a dozen more times and then hibernated with a headache... 

The three seperate percussion parts would each out boom each other, with some mixing having a bass drum too high in the mix.  
Due to my own fault, I had a production set up that would drive anybody crazy,  one set of speakers that had no bass, then another set that I tested the mixes on.

The vocal needed to be there but I did not want it to dominate.  And then two  days before my final attempts at mixing ( and scrapping the whole song)  I added an organ part. 

This was good news, it was a bit of roughage to the soft New Age ish introduction.  It was no longer a soft cushion.

I realised I was listening to something that came out very mid eighties in style, and more experimental than some of my other music.  

Perhaps at a stretch Talk Talk or David Sylvian could have recorded a song such as this, and made it into a classic.

But I have no illusions about how far I am from such musical "gods"  and any influences creep in, unconsciously, into my music.

And I no longer cared .  I coul only find turmoil in my own mind after so many attempts at the music. I have no idea if it is good or bad. I've been through the stage of having fallen in love with this song, 
but the relationship status is now "complicated".  It might be months before we give the relationship another try.,     

I know there is a mix that will balance the beauty and sadness of the track perfectly,  and the song actually progresses with some fragile optimism at the end.

On a more positive note, I have always liked atmospheric pop. I think of tracks like "Dream Within a Dream" by Propaganda "Dr Van Steiner" by Yello   
and "Tinseltown in the Rain" by the Blue Nile.  They are perhaps at the darker end of the musical spectrum.

The reality is that I can't write songs all of one colour!   Life isn't just a palette of oranges and yellows..  And that is what the album is all about.

So with that in mind, I present to you, and whatever colour it actually is, with the  song called "Psychology"     

Dark green,  thats what it is...."

The Video.

I had become very interested in sculplture when in Italy 

When I visited the Hannah Peschar Landscape Garden I realised that my song. "Psychology" was a bit of a sculpture in itself and this 
could meet the reflective nature of the song. 

Various elements, mixed together, make the end result, and it is all about the mind, on how it is perceived.  And this is the same thing with sculpture.  

One thing I did learn was that the initial reaction can change, to any art, whether it be music, or painting.  I grew to respect items in the garden, on
a second visit, that I was less sure of on the first.  

I did focus on some of the more facial sculptures for the garden in the video .  And you can see details of the artists themselves  at this link

It was a beautiful day in May, with the leaves just coming through.  Light green newness was everywhere.  The garden
has a special atmosphere I have not found anywhere else.  It is more Lord Of The Rings than Lord of the Rings!  
If a hobbit came to say hello it would not be a surprise.  A hobbit could easily be  one of the sculptures.

Water runs through the garden and this is both its beauty and its peril.  A few winters ago it was almost washed away.

And as the sculptures are sold, then no visit is the same as the previous one.  I came back in August to see many exhibits had gone!

Early in the year,  I saw many sculptures I liked, and then there were one or two  that looked lik B & Q shelving units. But htat is part of the 
entertainment of the place.  Take a good friend along with you to discuss what you feel about the exhibits, and this enhances the experience
of visiting the place.

I got so much from visiting this garden it would be churlish to complain.    I'll definitely return there many more times.

I hope, if you like the video that you will like to visit the garden  and provided the owners of the garden are happy for me to keep this song and link up 
I will do so for some time to come.

Maxx Silver - February 2016

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