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"I'm Not Your Puppy Dog" is a song by UK Electronic Fusion 
Artist, Maxx Silver.

He explains how this cheerful fun piece of pop emerged.

"The song was written several years ago in my head
 and I only recorded it relatively recently, when in fact
 I was taking a rest from music. My friend, Mr Sven Gali,
 wanted a song for a particular reason and I thought, 
I'll record the Puppy Dog one.  It has been very well 
received, I think because its rather humorous and fun, 
Its not meant to be taken too seriously. 
After my previous album "Psychology" I needed to do  some 
rather more "up" music. 
My previous album, whilst really the best thing musically I 
have done, was very heavy to deal with as it was very personal"

This song Is about being liberated from being emotionally 
"strained" in a relationship, "the moment 
when you have been pushed too far I think? 
Its replying initially in a leg pulling way when you are being asked 
to do things, you really want to NOT do, but end up saying yes"  

I'm my own person 
I'm not your Puppy Dog, 
I'm not your piece of fish. 
I'm not something you just prepare for your own benefit.   

The "I'm not aware... who is she?" lyric is just saying,

"This person who wants to boss me about all my life, is that
 person worthy of doing that?"  

I'll let the listener judge whether I indeed escape from this situation.  

Anyway I hope you enjoy the song and video.  I built the video 
around the grumpy looking cat, who is definitely not your Puppy Dog.... 

The final version  will appear on my forthcoming album "Escape" 
later on this year.
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