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The Official Website for Maxx Silver
Songwriter, Multi Instrumentalist, Multi Media Musician.

February 2021 Interview with Revival Synth Website here!

New Releases 2020 - 2023

Archipelago - Album 8 Tracks - released 20/01/2020
Melodic, Instrumental.  Genre hopping  from Ambient
right through to Progressive electronic rock.

In Recovery - Album Released 21/02/21
Dark, Electronic, Complex, Intense
Ltd edition CD  4 tracks exclusive to this edition and 2 longer versions

Mind Pictures Album Released 22/02/22

Reflective.  Hypnotic.  Rhythmic.  Available on Bandcamp


Maxx Silver "Visionary" -  Beautiful trip to existential realms

Maxx Silver featuring Kiffie "The Photographer"

The story of a life with spine tingling vocals  from Daniel Kiff

Maxx Silver and Star Madman "Forest"
A Grimms fairytale, unusual, melodic, dramatic with gorgeous harmonies from Star Madman


New Videos every month!
Maxx directs his own videos and has a You Tube channel with over 90 music videos within.

You can find his channel here

Interviews and articles about the songs

Delve into the mind of the enigmatic Maxx Silver!

Interview with Revival Synth Website here!

Art for purchase - Paintings, Sculpture.  UK only.

Italy Blog - New article on "Stromboli" the volcanic Aeolian island off Sicily

Now Playing "Forest"

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