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Garden artwork is becoming increasingly popular these days but also can be very expensive - thousands of pounds in some instances.

So it is a rarity to be able to obtain an item as large as this (it is over 2 metres in height) for less than £200.

Maxx Silver is very proud to offer this limited edition artwork (10 only)  of "Flame"

Flame is supplied as two items, created from cut hazel wood and painstakingly decorated over many hours in gold paint, with orange, white and black patterns.  They are protected from the elements by a premium lacquer to withstand the elements.  The item picture above  (which is not part of the 10) has been in the garden for three years. You can choose how to mount them - I like the way they are placed in the picture.

The gold reflects light and shines like a beacon during the day - becoming more subtle when in shade.  Each one has some marginal differences,  though they are all similar to the pictures.

This is a potentially very collectable piece of art. An instant conversation piece and a beautiful item of character

We are expecting these to sell very quickly - which is why we are offering the opportunity for you to reserve them.

On receipt of the order the writer will contact you (by phone if preferred) do discuss delivery and will direct you to the PAYPAL SHOP

This is scheduled for September 2020, though the writer may be able to arrange an earlier and personal delivery in the South of the UK (London and Home Counties) with a price reduced to only £175
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