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"Kathmandu" (pronounced Katmandu) is a new song from Electro Fusion artist Maxx Silver

Maxx explains the lyrics, and how the stunning time lapse video was created.

"The song lyric is about being ignored.  It can be applied to many things in my life, whether it be a friendship gone sour, or
my desire to be recognised worldwide as a musician.  We all have our passions and for me, I might has well have been
in Kathmandu for all the attention I have obtained!"

"I wrote the tune first and had the idea the song could be Kathmandu. It was actually during the filiming of the video that
I concluded the lyrics.  I like to play with words and images.  So the song isn't about Kathmandu, the video isn't in Kathmandu
so I guess at least the style of the middle section does relate to the title!

The middle section suddenly transports you to somewhere in the Himilaya.

" I was very careful to play the instruments in such a way that you can hear the pitch shift on the strings of the Sitar.  As
my new album (released in 2019 )  is called "Escape"  there are a number of moments that relate to being somewhere else than
here, maybe somewhere better,  who knows.  It was a natural idea to incorporate elements of Asian music into the song.

The video is shot in Selva Val Gardena in Italy and during some walks in the Dolomites.   Apparently, there are five valleys in the Val
Gardena that have a language of their own, Ladin.  This is not Italian, German or indeed French.  It adds something to a holiday in the
area as it is Italy, but not Italy, if that makes any sense.  The scenery may not be like the Himilaya, but it is easier to get to, and a lot
less trouble to trek throiugh than somewhere as far away as Kathmandu. But then again, you might as well have been there, anyway...

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New Album "Escape" released 09/05/19
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