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The Official Website for Maxx Silver
Songwriter, Multi Instrumentalist, Multi Media Musician.

New Releases 2019 - 2020

Tectonic Shift - 11 Tracks released 19/07/2019
(Collaboration with Ikon Anarchos)
Instrumental - Gothic - Epic

Escape - Album - 11 Tracks - released 19/05/2019
Synthpop - Melodic - Introspective - Atmospheric

Archipelago - Album 8 Tracks - released 20/01/2020
Melodic, Instrumental, Unique release.  Genre hopping

In Recovery - Scheduled for release end of 20 start of 21
Dark, Electronic, Complex, Intense.

New Videos every month!
Maxx directs his own videos and has a You Tube channel with over 60 music videos within.

Interviews and articles about the songs - Delve into the mind of the enigmatic Maxx Silver!

Art for purchase - Paintings, Sculpture.  UK only.

Italy Blog - New article on "Stromboli" the volcanic Aeolian island off Sicily

Now Playing "Panarea" from "Archipelago"

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New Album "Archipelago " released 20/01/20
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